What types of vehicles are used to transport food?

Usually these are minivans or cars, but regardless of the type of vehicle used, it is important that they do not adversely affect the safety or condition of stored food.

In the case of vehicles used for food transportation, it is necessary:

  • to keep them clean,
  • maintain them in good condition,
  • ensure that they are in good working order for proper cleaning and/or disinfection.

In situations where it is not possible to wash the vehicle (e.g., passenger cars), it is necessary to wash containers, boxes and thermoboxes intended for transporting food. It is important that containers in vehicles are used only for transporting food, without carrying other items. If vehicles transport a variety of goods or different types of food, they should be thoroughly cleaned between transports. In addition, vehicles used to transport food should be adjusted, if possible, to maintain the proper temperature of stored food.