Topic 4.1: Food packaging

All food packaging placed on the market must be accompanied by the information that they have been approved for contact with food, as well as the information on their use or a symbol (glass and fork).

If the food packaging contains the glass and fork symbol, you can be sure that during the use of the container its ingredients will not migrate to food, and it will not affect the taste and smell of the food stored in it.

You can also find the symbol on food packaging:

  • dishwasher – informs that the container can be safely washed in a dishwasher,
  • temperature – informs at what temperature we can use the container, e.g. freezing, heating,
  • microwave ovens,
  • snowflakes – informs that the container can be stored in refrigeration / freezing conditions.

Other symbols that may be shown on food packing:

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