Topic 3.3: Case Study

Zahra, 32 years old, is a Syrian refugee who has lived in Lisbon (Portugal) since 2019. She is currently studying Political Science and International Relations, she has a cat, and she loves to cook.

One of the ways to remember her traditions is to gather her friends and cook typical dishes from her homeland. “Flavours, smells and textures come together in a unique sharing environment! To end on a high note, I add some songs from my teenage years, and we danced together!”

Zahra volunteers at an ONG and she had the idea of making a small community celebration, with the possibility of sharing typical recipes. In her case, she shared the recipe for Syrian bread, which she loves so much. She learnt two typical Portuguese dishes: “polvo à lagareiro” (recipe with octopus) and “bacalhau à brás” (a recipe with cod).