Topic 2.1: Personal, social, and economic factors

Personal factors

Personal factors are those that relate directly to the person such as:

Personal taste

People tend to consume products that they like and avoid those that they don’t.


Adolescents may want to consume a different variety of items than an adult, for example, they might want a less healthy kind of food.


People with different lifestyles will purchase different things; for example: people that practice sports may consume specific types of food.

Social factors

  • What people eat is formed and constrained by circumstances that are essentially social and cultural. People tend to eat more outside than at home, like at school or work.
  • The consumption of healthy food will depend on the availability of these in meals that are made at home and those that are made outside. And what happens is that there is not always much availability of healthier meals.

Economic factors

  • Consumers with a high income can afford to spend money on expensive food. They may often shop at a high-end retailer.
  • Consumers on a tight budget due to a low income or large family, may tend to spend money in cheaper outlets. They may also buy own brand products to save money.