Storage of individual product groups

Dairy storage

UHT milk can be stored in a closed carton for up to 6 months at room temperature. Do not freeze dairy products. After defrosting, dairy loses its original consistency, structure, taste and nutritional value. There is also a risk of developing undesirable microflora.

Egg storage

If cold storage is not possible, store eggs in a dry place. shaded and airy place. Under these conditions, the freshness of the egg will be preserved for about 2 weeks.

  • Eggs should be kept in separate places or in closed packages to avoid the smell of other foodstuffs.

Bread storage

Bread has a low durability, and its spoilage is caused by the process of staling or mold.

It is best to keep bread in bags made of natural material, e.g. linen or cotton. Bread is best stored in a closed shed, preferably wooden. Plastic accelerates the spread of bread.

Bread quickly frozen to the temperature of about – 20°C and well packaged can keep fresh for consumption in a practically unlimited time. Particularly good freshness characterizes the frozen product after partial pre-baking, which after defrosting and complete baking can obtain a quality similar to that of fresh bread.