Small Food Supply Chains

EU definition for a short food supply chain includes:

  • limited number of operators
  • cooperation commitment
  • regional development
  • close geographical/social distances
    • 30 to 100 km (UK: up to 160 km, Sweden: up to 250 km, US: up to 644 km
    • 5 h to 1 day between producers, processors and consumers

Main products of SFSCs:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Animal and dairy products
  • Beverages

Forms of SFSCs:

  • Direct sales from farmer to end-consumer
    • on-farm, farmers’ markets, internet deliveries
  • Box delivery schemes
    • ‘pick your own’, community-supported agriculture (consumers financially support local growers by purchasing a ‘subscription’ to their fresh produce for a particular growing season).

Different mechanisms for extending short food supply chains (SFSCs) in time and space


Small Supply Chains Example

A farmer produces vegetable and sells it at on its farm or the the local farmers market