Redistribution network

‘Donor’ organisations

These are food business operators which may provide surplus food from each stage of the food supply chain, i.e.: primary production, food processing and manufacturing, retail and other distribution as well as the catering and hospitality sectors.

‘Receiver’ organisations

These are involved in the redistribution of surplus food and can be classified either as ‘front-’ or ‘back-line’ organisations, with some fulfilling both functions:

  • ‘Back-line’ organisations recover donated food from actors in the food supply chain which they transport, store and redistribute to a network of affiliated and qualified charitable organisations including charities, social restaurants, social enterprises, etc.
  • Front-line’ organisations receive donated food from ‘back-line’ organisations and/or directly from actors in the food supply chain. They, in turn, provide this food to their beneficiaries in various forms (e.g. food parcels, soup kitchens, meals served in social restaurants/cafés, etc.); some may also sell food products to people in need at a subsidised price.