Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neon KEAN


“KEAN” was founded in 2004 in Athens, Greece aiming the development and implementation of humanitarian programs for the protection of the social and physical environment. Its ultimate goal is upgrading the lives of young people and vulnerable social groups, combating social exclusion and poverty, promoting a better organized society with respect for human rights and the environment and promoting volunteering spirit and familiarity with the new technologies.
It is a non profit association, a legally constituted organization founded by natural persons and operating independently of any government and which expressly prohibits the distribution of any profit. KEAN implements a range of activities such as strategic partnerships, educational and training workshops, scientific research and analysis, advocacy, round table discussions, volunteering activities, sport events, dissemination, visibility and awareness raising activities.
Since its foundation, KEAN has gained substantial experience in projects and activities at national and European level, establishing reliable partnerships and collaborations with a range of organizations from the public and private sector. In addition, the organization has actively participated in national programs, designed and managed by national authorities.