Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social, CRL


Contextos – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento e Coesão Social,CRL (CONTEXTOS) is a non-profit cooperative with its head office in Faro, Portugal. The cooperative’s story begins in 2016 with the idea of giving an answer to social demands in an integral way and proposing custom-made solutions. CONTEXTOS aims at fostering and promoting community development as the keystone of processes of change in society, using participatory tools to develop competencies and capabilities within individuals and organizations. Its projects focus on culture, media, education/training, participatory democracy, active citizenship, human rights, intercultural dialogue, non-formal learning, social entrepreneurship and social inclusion. The organisation follows transversely in its projects and activities the principles of non-formal education, adopting a diverse set of approaches and learning methods, in which people are challenged to make use of a critical and reflective attitude about their own experience (professional and/or personal). The CONTEXTOS staff team is composed of 4 full-time professionals. CONTEXTOS also has the support of other collaborators and volunteers, that meaningfully contribute to the success of the projects, through their motivation, experience, and skills.